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Serving customers since 1997

Central Crane Services Ltd. was incorporated on May 1, 1997 in Didsbury, AB. We have supplied many services to oilfield, construction and agriculture in our local area, we travel to jobs from Calgary to Red Deer and all surrounding areas extending as far as Grande Prairie. We have a highly skilled management and employee team! Central Crane Services takes pride in our community and have been long time sponsors to local sports teams and other local associations.

Picker Trucks

Our variety of picker trucks have been used in gas plants and oil sites to building construction or farming applications. We have different sizes for different applications.

Winch Tractor

We offer winch services along with scissorneck trailer for various equipment. We also provide just the tractor for hauling, when no winch is required.

Oversize Loads

Central Crane also provides the proper equipment for moving oversize loads, and have trained personnel experienced in hauling oversize loads. Along with our own pilot trucks.

Our Employees

Central Crane stresses the importance of proper training for the task. Every new employee goes through a very thorough orientation and additional training when necessary. All employees have all necessary tickets for working and operating in the oil and gas industry. Any additional orientations or certifications that are site specific will be acknowledged and completed.

We Take Pride in Safety!​

Central Crane has maintained an excellence in Health and Safety Standards. Our company is continuously updating and upgrading our safety Programs including:


    -HSE Complyworks

    -COR Program

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